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First things first. Have you ever had the feeling that your life and the world around you is nothing but the sum of your experiences? That the only reality is what you have experienced through your own and only your own sense experience?

I have often thought about the possibility that my life…

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If I was to try and put the past week of my life into words for your enjoyment, I’d fail miserably. First of all, there is no way you could listen with the appropriate context and laugh on cue at references to grapes, your team/my team, seat-belts, and fat writers. They’re called inside jokes for a reason, people. Secondly, in order to keep a certain level of “members only” tradition about this annual trip, I’ve been sworn to secrecy on most of the happenings. Basically, you had to be there. But there is one story I’d like to share with you, if you don’t mind.

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Text 1 Jun 1 note A Word (Some Words)

This blog was originally created for the sole purpose of bolstering my creativity and getting me back on track in my fictional musings. As mentioned in my standard “Hello, world!” first entry, I had, at the time of this blog’s creation, hit a wall in said fiction and needed a little boost. I must say, if recent evidence has any bearing, this little blog is doing its job.

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